The Rolling Stove: Lost and Found

On Saturday afternoon, we received the following message in our Facebook feed from food truck The Rolling Stove's fan page:

"This is not a joke!!! The roilling stove was stolen today! If anyone has seen it please let me know"

When the flame-wrapped food truck didn't report for duty at the Seminole Casino's HellzaPoppin' food truck roundup, owner Troy Thomas put out an APB for the truck through Facebook and Twitter.

The messages got more urgent, as Thomas sought out friends and family to help in the search:

"My food truck is missing please help me find it!!!"

After only a few hours, though, Thomas posted this message on Facebook:

"The rolling stove has been found!! No damage just a very sad story:(. Thanks to all!!"

Apparently, an employee drove away with the truck on Saturday.

The truck is safe and sound, and both Thomas and truck will resume

service on Monday. As for the employee, well, Thomas posted this on The Rolling Stove's Facebook page at around 11 p.m. Saturday:

"Help wanted!!!"

Looks like there's an opening.......

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