Subway's Substandard Breakfast

Sub as in the Subway Sandwich shop on Collins Avenue in South Beach.
Sub as in the breakfast Subway special now being touted by the chain.
Sub as in my coming here being a substitute for my original dozen or so choices. Like I thought Oliver's Café on West Avenue might be a good spot for breakfast, but it doesn't open until 11 a.m. Not sure when Otentico's breakfast special begins, but at 9:45 a.m., nobody was inside getting set to open. And so forth.
Sub as in the dictionary sense of the word: inferior. That's no surprise -- who goes to Subway expecting a fine breakfast? It is what you would think: Either an English muffin ($2 to $3.25) or  six-inch Subway bread ($3 to $4.25) with thin slices of microwaved omelet and specific garnish -- ham 'n' cheese or Western omelet, etc. You can add stuff from the regular sandwich fillers -- olives, pickles, peppers, and so forth -- but most don't go so well with eggs.

Sub as in subversive advertising. Print ads as well as the menu hanging on the wall tout Seattle's Best as the coffee brand served. But the counterperson adamantly insisted
it was just regular Subway coffee and said she had never heard of
Seattle's Best. Guess she doesn't look up at the wall much, but I can't
pin this one on her. The manager/owner should straighten out this coffee thing. They are, after all, charging $1.50 a cup, which is no bargain for
"regular Subway coffee." 

Sub as in the subtotal, before tax and tip, not being all that cheap:
Sandwich: $3.50
Hash browns: $1 (was going to try them, but then I saw what they looked like)
Coffee: $1.50

Sub as in my subjective reaction to Subway's breakfast being that it is way subtandard.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.