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Señor Frog's Opens Today in Miami Beach

Hey party peeps. Spring break in Cancun happens tonight and every night. In Miami Beach.

That's right, the much anticipated Señor Frog’s opens tonight at 5 p.m. at 1450 Collins Ave., at the former Jerry's Deli location. 

If you've been to Cancun on Spring Break, you already know about Senor Frog's own brand of nuttiness, which includes tequila slammers, large sombreros,  lots of theme parties, and one time a giant rubber cockroach and a fork (seriously, dude. It happened).

Part restaurant, part bar, part club, part day camp with alcohol, Señor Frog’s has become a larger-than-life celebration of Spring Break — no matter what time of year. Señor Frog’s has over a dozen locations throughout Mexico's famed tourist spots like Cancun, Cozumel, Playa del Carmen, as well as branches in Las Vegas, Puerto Rico, Nassau, and now the Frog returns to Miami.

The food menu (yes, there is actually food) is divided into animal sounds, so you can order from the splash splash, peep peep, or moo moo categories. Mexican dishes aren't authentic, but they more than serve the purpose of giving you a base to drink more tequila. The standard burritos, enchiladas, and taco platters are available. 
But you're coming here for the party. And the drinks. Cocktails are frog-themed, so you can order the Wild Frog (Señor Frog’s Tequila, Pama pomegranate,liqueur, cranberry juice, lime, and grenadine; the Frogasm (Señor Frog’s Tequila melon liqueur, orange liqueur, lime, and orange juice); the Pimp Frog (Señor Frog’s Tequila, Hennessy cognac VSOP, Absolut, Bacardi Silver, and cola); or the Bad Ass Frog (Señor Frog’s Tequila, black raspberry, lime, orange juice, pineapple, and cranberry). 
Call it Cancun without airfare, but we're betting this place is going to be packed from post beach to closing.

Senor Frogs is open daily from noon - 3 a.m.

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