Rok:Brgr Brunch: Krispy Kreme Burger, Hangover Sandwiches, and Free Mimosas

When you hear brunch, you probably think something traditional like eggs benedict, French toast, or pancakes. But what about hangover sandwiches and French toast lollipops?  

Rok:Brgr's Fall 2015 Sunday brunch menu can be described in one word: Risqué. The new menu, debuting this weekend, includes Krispy Kreme burgers served between two glazed donuts, fat Elvis waffles with bananas and peanut butter, and breakfast mac 'n' cheese. And that's just the beginning. Though the names make the dishes sound a little crazy, general manager Nicolas Carmona promises it'll be the most delicious comfort food you'll ever taste, all made from scratch. 

"We're trying to go for something hip, but with a refined touch because we pride ourselves on serving a five-star brunch," says Carmona. "We mix a lot of different flavors, but believe it or not it's still all very simple."

One of their menu staples are their hangover sandwiches ($14) — a must if you find yourself trying to forget last night's one too many cocktails. The Part 1 version includes an over-easy egg, maple-peppered bacon, sriracha aioli, tomato, avocado, and American cheese on a multi-grain bun. But if you're looking for something a little meatier, they offer a Part 2 version with prime meatloaf, fried egg, smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, and chipotle ketchup, on a toasted ciabatta. 

To share, their breakfast mac 'n' cheese ($13) with maple pepper bacon and american and cheddar cheese, topped with a fried egg is the way to go. Smoked salmon deviled eggs with red onion and capers, and bacon and corn fritters with candied bacon and maple creme are also on the menu. And don't forget those french toast lollipops with cinnamon, and maple creme because they're the perfect compliment to just about every dish.

For someone thinking, This is just too adventurous for me, diners can default with Rok:Brgr's personal benedict bar where you build your own eggs benedict. Choose a base (english muffin, belgium waffle, or country biscuit), add some protein (bacon, short rib, lobster, smoked salmon), and decide between traditional or sriracha hollandaise. Voilà! 

There's also pancakes on the menu, but you won't know which kind until you're sitting with a menu in hand. "Usually it's decided Saturday afternoon, and no one knows until the day of," says Carmona. "It changes every week, and it's always over the top."

But for anyone who's had enough of this brunch spiel and just wants a good ol' burger, Carmona's got you covered. There are four burgers offered during brunch from their regular menu — the classic Rok:Brgr, the Morning Glory, prime sliders, and the veggie burger. "People can still have their Rok:Brgrs, but the main difference is we don't offer our usual fries," says Carmona. "We serve tater tots instead."

There's one thing you can't forget. It wouldn't be a Miami-style brunch without a DJ on site and free mimosas for ladies. "It creates the kind of vibe that you're at a pool party when you're really in the middle of South Miami," says Caromona.

Their brunch is offered every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at South Miami, Hallandale, and Fort Lauderdale locations.

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