Recession-Proof Boozing at Bin No. 18

For the average individual, the current anorexic state of the economy can be boiled down to a pair of very basic problems: too little cash and not enough booze. That's why the forward-thinking folks at Bin No. 18 must be commended for their Bailout Beer program, serving up affordable premium draft to cash-poor Miami citizens each and every day of the week. 

The Bailout brews on tap vary constantly, although you can always expect a fine, fancy selection along the lines of Tucher, Hofbräu Maibock, or Kronenbourg 1664. And due to the Bin being "60% European," the beers are poured according to the metric system. So your cold, sudsy relief will come in one of two sophisticated yet reasonably priced sizes: the slender 300 ML glass for four bucks or the half-liter chug cup for seven. 

Oh, you prefer to drown your recession depression in pinot grigio? Well, don't fret -- the Bin has not forgotten you. Grape fans should take advantage of the daily wine happy hour, running from 5 to 7 p.m., which provides diners with their first glass (provided they buy a second) for no charge at all. Or, if the booze bank is totally broke, pop in Thursday nights for the Bin's free weekly wine tasting, starting at 6:30. There's no better bailout than free.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.