Obama Beer? The President's White House Honey Ale

We are lucky to live in the land of the free and home of the brewed. Barack Obama broke new culinary ground by being the first U.S. president to make a home-crafted beer. Officially, it's called White House Honey Ale.

This light ale is made with a pound of honey from the White House's own beehive. The story was covered by the government gourmet food initiative blog, Obama Foodarama, which documents everything going on in the presidential mansion, "from policy to pie."

via Obama Foodorama
White House Honey Ale! We want this to go on sale!

The president and first lady served their homebrew to a famous group at their Super Bowl party earlier this year, and it apparently was a hit with no leftovers. So who were the masterminds behind the brew? Executive chef Christeta Comerford said, "It's a collaborative effort."

It's safe to say the best were at work when creating the finished batch, and we commend them for their effort and service. All we want to know is: How and when can we get our grubby hands on it? But so far, it looks like this ale ain't for sale to the public.

Our president puts a lot of faith behind American beer, even to the point of announcing a beer bet with British Prime Minister David Cameron this past 2010 World Cup. Obama bet the best American beer against the best British lager, with the loser of the U.S.-UK match downing the other country's brew. The match ended at 1-1, so each side humbly agreed to let the beer bet rest, though we are pretty sure we know which side would've won -- home of the red, white, and brew.

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