Miss Yip Opens Downtown Outpost at 900 Biscayne

Good ol' Miss Yip. When you wanted somewhat-affordable Chinese food right off Lincoln Road, it was always there. And now, when you want somewhat-affordable Chinese food in downtown Miami, it will be there, too.

We say somewhat because we've always found the place to be a dollar or two overpriced, considering it's just Chinese food. Otherwise, service and food are usually good. We visited the new location at 900 Biscayne Monday night, and it wasn't busy, but there were clear signs of life.

An elderly Asian lady was making the dim sum in plain view of most of the dining room behind a glass wall, which is a nice touch. But the food is basically the same you'd get at the South Beach locale. This is unfortunate because Miss Yip has stiff competition from eateries that are better priced. (Wok Town, anyone?)

But price aside, places with Asian influences like Sakaya Kitchen and Gigi, both in the nearby Midtown area, have really raised the bar on what affordable food can be. Otherwise, Miss Yip is relying on a clientele that is looking for good-but-not-great everyday Chinese food. Will it succeed? Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Miss Yip Chinese Café
900 Biscayne Blvd., Miami

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