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Miami's Ten Best Restaurant Dishes of 2015

As 2015 winds down, it's time to take a look in the rear-view mirror. This past year, we've eaten a lot of food and tried a lot of restaurants in Miami. With the city's culinary scene exploding, celebrity players and home-grown favorites have offered some wonderful restaurants. 

A few weeks ago, food critic Zachary Fagenson counted down his top ten dishes of 2015. The rest of the Miami New Times food writers figured we'd chime in. We purposely chose not to include restaurants selected by our esteemed colleague (although Alter's blue crab shumai gets honorable mention as the perfect bite). Together, both lists provide a look back at the most satisfying, soulful, and creative meals we've enjoyed in 2015. 

10. Fried Brie at Downtown Bistro
Anyone who loves cheese should try it fried. Three pieces of crisp Brie ($8) are served with cranberry, apricot, and almonds and then topped with apple compote. The soft cheese pairs beautifully with the various sweet and tart accompaniments. The dish works as a light bite or a shared starter (if you're willing to let someone else have a bite of this warm piece of heaven). 

9. Smashed avo at Threefold Café 
The avocado-toast trend exploded this year, and Threefold Café’s version ($13) combines the best of the dish’s traditional aspects with the restaurant’s unique Aussie flair. There’s just something special about a simple dish done well, and it’s all about great ingredients from the bottom up. Threefold starts with a thick, crusty slice of Zak the Baker bread and piles on a mountain of avocado that’s been mashed with feta, lime, and basil. Mushrooms roasted in butter and thyme are sprinkled on top and lend an earthy note to contrast the brightness of the citrus and herbs. Of course, no avocado toast would be complete without yolk oozing over the top, so add the poached egg for $2 extra. After one crunchy, creamy bite, you might even become a morning person.

8. 50/50 burger at 180 Degrees at the DRB
If it's your first time at 180 Degrees, try the 50/50 burger ($15). It's made with a mix of chorizo and Angus beef and topped with queso frito, maduro, a fried egg, and spicy citrus aioli. Have it as a burger or ask for the slider version.
7. Fried clam bellies at Izzy's Seafood & Oyster
The fried clam bellies ($26) at Izzy's Seafood & Oyster have a unique saltwater flavor that's addictively delicious. Another element that makes this delicacy so special is that the slightly bitter orbs are indigenous to Maine and thus rarely seen on Miami menus. Bring on the tartar sauce. 

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