Photo courtesy of Caviar

Threefold Cafe

This all-day breakfast spot was created by Melbourne transplants Teresa and Nick Sharp, who wondered why a café of its kind wasn’t already a Miami staple. The locally grown restaurant has quickly gained popularity and now boasts three locations. The menu includes classic items such as eggs, made with fried eggs, house-baked beans, spinach, bacon, and toast. In the Miami-avocado-toast universe, Threefold’s version reigns supreme: Bread is loaded with a heap of the creamy green fruit’s flesh. Then comes a sprinkle of feta, a squirt of lime, and a speckle of basil. A crown of butter-roasted mushrooms tops it all. Spend a bit extra to hit it with a runny egg. New Normal: Threefold’s dining rooms are closed but offer takeout and delivery from all locations. The café has instituted a virtual grocery service, selling everything from flour and paper towels to beer and cage-free eggs.