Mary J. Blige Ad for Burger King Is Scary (Video)

Burger King has been slipping in the fast-food race. But today the firm debuts a new ad campaign and menu it hopes will speed up business. It adds ten new items that are supposedly healthful -- the biggest expansion of BK's menu since 1954 -- and showcases a series of star-studded ads including one that features Mary J. Blige.

The video is kinda scary (view it below). Great voice, but describing a chicken wrap. Or was that rap? (Also coming: smoothies.)

Look at those funky suburban people dance! And the way she describes the mayonnaise? You know the board of directors must've sat down, tried BK's mayonnaise, and decided to stick with the old stuff. We'll see whether the new health-conscious fare allows Burger King to overtake Wendy's, which went healthy a long time ago.

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By the way, the chain is also revamping many of its 7,200 restaurants. We'll be listening for the muzak.

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