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Manila Rice Serves Secret Menu Item, Exotic Food at BTTR Tonight

If you've been kvetching about the same-old same-old night after night, we hear you. Everyone lapses into food boredom now and then. If eating the same stuff all the time has gotten you down, visit Manila Rice at BTTR tonight for some authentic Filipino cuisine.

Truck co-owner Cecile Pangan is the chef behind the brightly colored truck. Using recipes from her 74-year-old grandmother (who, by the way, smokes her cigarettes with the lit end in her mouth while working), Pangan serves flavorful food from her childhood -- including a few surprises.

Along with crowd pleasers such as adobo (a one-pot dish of sautéed meat and vegetables, $7) and turon (sweet plaintain egg rolls, $4), Pangan offers fare in a daily-changing menu that's anything but typical. One such item is balut, a fertilized duck egg boiled with the embryo still in it (Pangan swears the liquid center is delicious). Tonight's two offerings for the brave:

Chicharong bulakiak are crisp pork intestines deep fried in pork lard. These guys are a popular bar snack in the Philippines. This secret dish won't be listed on the menu, so you'll have to ask for it if you want it.

Adidas isn't a running shoe -- it's a skewered chicken claw. For $3, it's totally worth a try. According to Pangan, you eat it like a chicken wing, and there's actually some meat on it.

BTTR won New Times' Best of Miami 2011 award for Best Restaurant for Kids, but it's not just for kids. It's for friends, couples, students, families and dogs too. Each week, BTTR brings together about two dozen food trucks, complete with live music and free parking. Located near Johnson & Wales University, BTTR will serve from 5:30 to 10 p.m. tonight. Trucks will include Che Grill, CheeseMe, Chef on 4 Wheels, the Chill Stop, Atelier Monier, Big Kahuna, Clarabelle's Cupcakes, Daddy's Grill, Divan Bakery, Dog Eat Dog, Dolci Peccati Gelato, Eat Where You Are, GastroPod, Giuseppe's Italian Sausage, Jefe's Original Fish Taco, Latin Burger, Manila Rice, the MexZican Gourmet, Miso Hungry, Moty's Grill, Ms. Cheezious, Muscle Truck, Nacho Bizness, Nacho Mama's, Papa's Tapas, Purple People Eatery, the Red Koi, the Red Truck, the Rolling Stove, Slow Food Truck, Sno Caps, and WrapiditoYum.

BTTR, NE 127th Street and Biscayne Boulevard, North Miami

The Miami Street Food Court at Westchester offers nearly two dozen food trucks at Tropical Park. This weekly event has plenty of trees and free parking, but keep the dogs and bottles at home, because neither are allowed. Trucks serving from 5:30 to 10 p.m. will include Catered Bliss, Chef on Wheels, Churro Mania, Cold Stone Creamery, Dim Ssäm à Gogo, the Fish Box, the Flying Saucer, Frita Man, Grill Master Café, Gyromaniakz, Kitchen Kabab, Kona Ice, Latin Burger & Taco, Latin House Grill, Mr. Good Stuff, Pop Burger Love/Chocolate Love, El Rey de la Paella, El Rey de las Fritas, Shaoroma Romanian FreshFood, Sir Pizza Mobile, Sugar Rush, Sugar Yummy Mama, Tango Grill, Wing Commander, and Yellow Submarine.

Tropical Park, 7900 Bird Rd., West Miami-Dade

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