Last-Minute Gifts from Sushi Samba and Schnebly's

We're so close to Christmas the countdown is about to switch from days to mere hours. If you're one of those who gets shopping done early, pre-Thanksgiving early, then give yourself a pat on the back and get out of our sight. You're making us feel guilty.

For the rest of us scrambling to check off the names from our list, South Florida restaurants have a variety of gifts that make the perfect present or stocking stuffer for that food-obsessed friend. These might even work for those who care little about food!

5. Kid's Chopsticks from Sushi Samba

When it comes to reading, writing or learning a foreign language the old adage is get kids started young. There's no reason that shouldn't apply to sushi. These chopsticks are a mere $10 and are probably the finest piece of work Romero Britto has ever produced. They're also a step up from the rubber band trick many Japanese restaurants use to make chopsticks easy for kids to use.

4. Michael's Genuine Home Brew

Local on local on local. Michael Schwartz's growing restaurant empire released its namesake ale, brewed by Alabama-based Back Forty Brewery, earlier this year and its now served in restaurants around town. A gift idea: Forage a 50-foot salad of greens from your neighbor's backyard and pair it with a 22-ounce bottle ($11) for your friends or family.

3. Fresh Coffee from Panther Coffee

Joel and Leticia Pollock's Wynwood coffee shop has an ever-changing list of beans procured from Joel's endless travels in Latin and Central America. Be forewarned, this can get expensive. A Brazilian variety I bought for a family member a few months ago cost more than $20. Yet those beans are lovingly roasted in a 1927 Perfekt machine. Plus Joel will probably be on hand to describe the farm from where the beans came and the people that grew them.

2. Baby Onesie from Shake Shack

This one is perfect for the lady in your life who may have just birthed a little bundle of joy (in addition to spit up, tears and poop). She couldn't get enough of Danny Meyers' Shackburgers while the bun was in the oven, so it's only proper the little one be decked out in Shake Shack swag. Our favorite is the small "fry."

1. Tour and Tasting of Schnebly's Redlands Winery and Brewery

Be the big spender you are and shell out a whole $20 for a tour of the "Southernmost Winery & Brewery in the U.S." Go for the special tasting ($9.95) so the recipient can keep the glass from which they spent the afternoon imbibing. This gift comes with the added bonus of getting more people down to Homestead and the Redlands, a part of town too-often overlooked.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.