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Last Chance Saloon: A Keys Memorial Day Weekend Stop

For lots of South Florida folks an annual Memorial Day weekend pilgrimage to the Keys marks the beginning of summer. Hell yeah. One Dade County stop we recommend on that journey is the Last Chance Saloon in Homestead. On your way south, the adjacent package liquor store is the perfect place to stock up on booze, smokes, and Doritos. There's nowhere else to stop and shop for 24 miles. Or you can hang out and have a few beers while traffic dies down (or gets worse) in the bar that time forgot. If there's any joint in Miami-Dade that looks and feels like it was pickled in Everclear, this is it. Most days a few hunchbacked regulars are the only customers. This weekend should be a different story. On your way back north, when the weekend's over and you don't wanna go home, stop back in, tie one on, and throw down at the longest freakin' shuffleboard table this side of Kali Yuga. Above all stay safe, have fun, and if you're driving, stay sober. Here are a couple more />

Last Chance Saloon
35800 S. Dixie Hwy., Homestead

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Jacob Katel
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