Healthy Eating

Lamoy's Living Food is Raw, Vegan, Organic, Alive

Lamoy Andressohn is a dedicated raw food lifestylist. Her specialty is preparing all raw, vegan, organic meals from scratch. She says "the idea behind my food is health, wellness, and simplicity. It's all my own creation. I've been raw for 9 years and I thank God everyday for it, I feel like it's my gift from the universe. I think about my Caribbean culture, the spices and herbs they use in Jamaica. It's just a matter of substituting meat with nuts. I also use a lot of thyme, culantro, cilantro, garlic, onions, dill, and I think about different dishes and whatever herb it calls for, I use it. I think a lot about different cultures." Here are some more images of Lamoy's Living Foods.

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Jacob Katel
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