Inside Jugofresh at Whole Foods Downtown: Mash-Up Bar and Medicinal Chocolate

Jugofresh is all about going where no other cold-pressed juicer has gone before. Owner Matthew Sherman tends to embrace innovation and evolution, and the company's latest venture into uncharted territory is no exception: They've put a Jugofresh in a Whole Foods.

It's a notable feat for a local brand to partner with the healthy grocer in such a big way, and the 2-week-old spot, part of the downtown Miami Whole Foods, is already attracting attention.

In addition to the regular Jugofresh menu, the branch offers some exclusive smoothies, a wheatgrass shot, and a totally new concept: the mash-up bar.

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The mash-up bar is a counter where customers can make their own mini-bowl of nutritionally optimized offerings. They include house-made items like creamy medicinal chocolate, tangy strawberry-coconut yogurt, hearty protein nut and seed butter, smooth lemon-cashew cream, fresh berries, and apples. Customers can pick and choose their favorites for an easy snack or light breakfast or lunch.

As far as premade selections on the mash-up menu, Whole Foods head coach Laura Correal says the Sammy Rosa is the location's most popular. It's made with strawberry-coconut yogurt, buckwheat granola, berry mix, and medicinal chocolate, all for $6.

For those in need of extra protein, there's the HGH, a mix of protein nut and seed butter, blueberry-buckwheat cereal, berry mix, and lemon-cashew cream, and it boasts a whopping 25 grams of protein for $10.

There are others too, including the hasta manzana, with chia pudding, blueberry buckwheat cereal, apples, and lemon-cashew cream for $5.50; the rumba verde, with green oatmeal, buckwheat granola, banana, and lemon-cashew cream; and the baila green, with green oatmeal, buckwheat granola, berry mix, and lemon-cashew cream, for $5.

In addition to the bar, the location offers two exclusive smoothies: the Kaleito (el green go, apple, celery, spinach, parsley, lemon-kale, and banana) and the Muy Simple (banana, strawberries, and almond mylk). Plus there are wheatgrass shots, bowls, smoothies and, of course, cold-pressed juices galore.

Jugofresh is now open in Whole Foods Downtown Miami, 299 SE Third St., Miami. Hours are 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. seven days a week. Note: This is the only location where you can get Jugofresh after 7 p.m.

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