Hard Pumpkin Cider: Even Better Than Pumpkin Beer

You thought you had tried every kind of pumpkin-infused edible out there. After all, when you can get pumpkin spice lattes at McDonald's, what's left? But forget pumpkin ales or pumpkin coffee. There's something much more magnificent to satisfy your pumpkin obsession: hard pumpkin cider.

Seriously. It's the beautiful lovechild of apple cider, beer, and America's most universally adored gourd. And you can get some at Total Wine.

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Ace Pumpkin Cider is just as you'd imagine: Harry Potter-style pumpkin juice with booze. It's light, it's sweet (but not overly so), and it's got alcohol (5 percent). It's fall in a bottle.

It's been popular ever since the California Cider Company began making it in 2010.

But how do they make it taste like pumpkin pie? Well, they add cinnamon, cloves, and allspice to fermented apple juice. So, technically it's not made from pumpkin. But in this case, taste is all that matters. And it's delicious. It would pair nicely with almost anything served at Thanksgiving dinner.

When it's 80 degrees outside, we need to do everything in our power to make it feel like fall. And pumpkin cider brings us one step closer to scarves, multicolored foliage, and fireplaces.

Want some of this special beverage? You can snag it at Total Wine in Pinecrest, at least for the time being. God knows this heavenly nectar is probably flying off the shelves.

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