Frog in Your Salad? Five Gross Things Discovered in Florida Foods

If the South is the Bible Belt, Florida is the Bizarre Belt. With entire blogs and news sites devoted to the oddities that often occur in our little piece of paradise -- few would argue that we reign supreme as far as freakishness. And this weirdness, of course, also applies to food.

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We've all heard stories of razor blades found in candy bars and mouse droppings in a diner's daily special -- but Florida has an exceptionally prodigious history of weird shit popping up in our edibles. Just this week, a woman found a live frog in her salad.

So courtesy of Short Order, here's a list of the top five weirdest things found in food here in Florida. This is our state folks -- let's embrace it. Is it lunchtime yet?

5. Deep Fried Chicken Heart

A standard bucket of good old fashioned fried chicken is likely to include thighs, breasts, wings - the usual suspects. Other body parts? Not so often. But one Ocala, Florida, man ripped open a box of hot, greasy Popeye's chicken only to discover an Edgar Allen Poe style situation. But seriously - if you're already eating the rest of Big Bird's body, is his heart that big of a deal? Just sayin'.

4. McDonald's Buggy Meal

Some might argue McDonald's food is pretty disgusting as is - no extra ickiness required. But we suppose there are some things even nastier than pink chicken slime and trans fats. Last year, a Miami woman reportedly found an assortment of bug body parts in her kids' pancakes. But hey, the extra protein was probably good for them. Lord knows their diet probably leaves something to be desired.

3. Fresh Frog Salad

Just this week, a woman in Minneola, Florida, found a little tree frog still alive in her bag of Market Side salad. Purchased at Walmart, the woman said: "They say frogs are protein, but I don't want that kind of protein." We're sure the frog feels the same way, lady.

I guess this is her excuse to forgo vegetables forever. Here's hoping the little guy at least got a happy ending.

2. Spider Ravioli

They say spiders are good luck - but we're not sure that applies when it comes to injesting them. A Brevard County woman allegedly found one curled up in a can of Chef Boyardee ravioli. Well heck - they say we all swallow spiders in our sleep, so what's one more?

1. Frog-Flavored Pepsi

In another frog-related story (guess those little guys can sneak in anywhere), an Ormond Beach resident cracked open a can of Diet Pepsi only to discover it tasted a little ... off. He dumped the can, only to discover a disintegrating frog (or toad, perhaps). While it was undoubtedly disgusting, can frog remains really be any more dangerous than the cocktail of chemicals they use to make Diet Pepsi?

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