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Five Ways to Cool Off in Miami This Weekend

Courtesy of the Local Craft Food & Drink
It's Labor Day weekend, and whether you're hitting the beach or planning a backyard party, one thing is for sure: It's hot outside.

Luckily, there are many ways to cool off. Here are some tips and tricks to give you a little relief from Miami's scorching days and steamy nights.
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Courtesy of the Local Craft Food & Drink
The Ten Best Summer Cocktails in Miami
During the dog days of summer, the dangerous combination of extreme heat and high humidity sends most Miamians running for an air conditioner or a cold drink. If it’s the latter you’re looking for, the Magic City is also known as a boozy city, with a wealth of sophisticated cocktail programs turning out updated menus that reflect the season.
The Ten Tastiest Ways to Cool Off in Miami
There’s nothing quite like the lethal combination of sweltering heat and humidity to say, “Welcome to Miami!” One step outside and — bam! — it hits you in the face like a warm, wet washcloth. Most people complain. Others absolutely love it. But the best thing to do is adapt. After all, we survived the wrath of July, the hottest single month in Miami history, slightly dehydrated and sunburnt, but for the most part unscathed. The bad news is the temperature won't drop anytime soon.
Courtesy Serendipity
The Ten Best Ice-Cream Shops in Miami
As Miami's temperatures soar, we can't help but crave a scoop of ice cream. And though some consider this cold, creamy blend a special treat, Miamians deem it a necessity. From Serendipity in Wynwood to Nanndi in Downtown Dadeland, let your closest ice-cream parlor be a sanctuary for the relentless heat and humidity.
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Pretty in Pink milkshake at Vicky's House.
Courtesy of Kush Hospitality Group
Miami Goes Crazy for Over-the-Top Milkshakes
A swift scroll through Instagram typically shows four kinds of photos: selfies, babies, sunsets, and food. Every now and then, your eyes widen, your mouth salivates, and your stomach growls. This pic is more than food porn: It’s an architectural wonder in the form of a milkshake.
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You're on a boat!
Courtesy of Airbnb and Boatsetter
Boatsetter, the Airbnb of Boating, Lets You Drink on the Water With a Designated Captain
It's Labor Day weekend, and though people in most American cities plan to enjoy the last beach days before cold weather kicks in, Miami still confounds with otherworldly temperatures. The Magic City is a coastal town, and though an afternoon on the water is a cooling treat, most of us don't have access to a boat. There are, of course, tour boats that depart from various points, but they're usually jam-packed. You could go the way of rentals, but they're costly, you can't enjoy a few beers if you're the captain, and you have to worry about navigating.
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