Five Best Food Movies: The Help, Willy Wonka, Ratatouille, and More

As movie fiends, we often find ourselves diving into film scripts.

Films usually compel us with their love stories, or their horror, but sometimes, it's the food that makes the movie a little (or a lot) more memorable.

So we've compiled a list of the 5 best food movies. Your favorite may or may not have made our list, but rest assured that you'll be Googling for recipes once we're through.

5. Chocolat
Let's try, just for a second (we know, it's really tough) to forget how handsome Johnny Depp is in this film. Forgotten? Yeah, we couldn't either. But he's not the only thing in Chocolat that makes it so delicious. Chocolate is pretty much the guilty pleasure of the planet, so it's fairly safe to say that everyone who saw this film found themselves in desperate need of a cocao fix after the first time. The acting is superb. The sets are quaint and lovely. But that chocolate-covered Depp... chocolate reigns supreme!

4. Julie & Julia
This one is pretty obvious -- but it's obvious for good reason. Julia Child cooked her way into the hearts of Americans with her quirky personality and love for food. Her love turned to our love which turned into many nights' worth of newly inspired dinner recipes. That being said, you know good and well that after watching Julie & Julia for the first time, you went out to buy her book Mastering the Art of French Cooking (that is, if you didn't already have it). Sure, the scenes with aspic grossed you out -- but we all cringed when that raspberry Bavarian cream fell through Julie's paper bag. Such a good waste!

3. Ratatouille
Rats are gross. Rats in the kitchen are worse. But when Disney is challenged with such a conundrum, it always wins. Enter Remy: An adorable French rat (still sounds gross to say) who crept up into the hearts of children ages 3 to 11. And us (hey, we're not ashamed). Pair Remy and his a die-hard passion for the art of food with an awkward, lanky, noodle-y-looking Alfredo Linguini and you have one of the most perfect Disney duos to ever be created. Remy makes us all look bad -- why can't we have what he has?! And he's a rat!

2. The Help
Miss Minny ain't burn no chicken. And lawwwd, we'd give nothing short of a vital organ to taste the fried chicken in that movie. Now, we must note that we're giving The Help the number 2 spot not for the shit pie, but for the other pies, and for the fried chicken, the for the collard greens, and mashed potatoes. This particular film makes us crave that wholesome soul-and-Southern style cooking that provides the backbone to the storyline. How many of you can honestly say watching didn't make you hungry? Bueller?

1. Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
Lastly, a classic. Of course, we're talking about the original Willy Wonka that was made in the 60s and continues to tower over the majority of food films that have come after it. The chocolates and confections still, to this day, bring out the kid in all of us. Sure, the chocolate river sounds a little gross -- but to have all of that sugar right at your finger tips? We ask you, tell us another film is better.

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