Edible G-String, Chocolate Handcuffs and More for Valentine's Day

Forget the heart shaped box of chocolates and pastel-colored sweethearts with romantic messages. This year, go for something that will make your lover's jaw drop and hopefully make it an evening to remember. Here's a selection of our five fave ways to say "I love (want) you".

Edible candy G-string and bra

The perfect valentines day gift for the lady who's sweet but has a bit of naughtiness underneath her cool exterior. The edible candy g-string and bra is made of approximately 330 fruit flavored candy pieces. $24.99

Chocolate handcuffs

Looking for a way to hold on to your lover? Try these chocolate handcuffs on for size and watch them eat their way out. Available in white, dark or premium chocolate. $8

Heart-shaped ravioli

They say a way to a man's heart is through his stomach. This heart shaped ravioli from Marx Foods is just the thing to declare a cheese "I love you." Filled with ricotta, asiago and mozzarella, it's a decadent way to declare your love to your favorite foodie. $113 for 5 lbs.

Chocolate corset lollipop

Handcrafted chocolate corsets give your man a little insight into what's underneath. Available in milk or dark chocolate, these tantalizing treats offer something naughty and nice. $24

Dejected BitterSweets

For the anti-valentines day lover in you these "Dejected" candies include 37 depressing sayings for those spending valentines day alone and in a state of self-flagellation. Sayings include loss leader, settle 4 less, table for 1 and I cry and Q. $9.95 for a tin of 6 oz. (82 large hearts)

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Christina Staalstrom