Miami Restaurateurs and Influencers Partner to Open Crispy Rice, Sushi OG, and Papi Churro at Oasis Wynwood

Papi Churro is coming to Oasis Wynwood.
Papi Churro is coming to Oasis Wynwood. Photo courtesy of Papi Churro
A three-in-one concept restaurant will deliver Japanese izakaya, sushi, and churros to Miami foodies at Oasis Wynwood.

Make your way past the six-story tower bar, live music stage, and container-housed restaurants in the courtyard and you'll find a 2,000-square-foot standalone space complete with bar and indoor and outdoor seating. Here, local restaurateurs have teamed up with Miami-based social-media influencers to open three new restaurants in one unit: Sushi OG, Papi Churro, and Miss Crispy Rice.

The multiconcept venue is the work of Poke OG and Mr. Omakase owners Andrew Mayer and Ryan Leto, who partnered with Miami influencers Samantha Schnur of the Naughty Fork, Yanni Georgoulakis of Foody Fetish, and model Cindy Prado to bring their latest project to life.

The three restaurants are set to open on Tuesday, April 5.

"Poke OG is a Miami-built brand. We started with 1,500 Instagram followers when we opened, and today we have over 20,000 — and a lot of that is thanks to Sam and her work as a local influencer," Mayer tells New Times. "When I decided to embark on the biggest project of my career, I knew I had to go for the big guns, and I'm so happy they wanted to be a part of it."

And while Mayer, who first opened Poke OG inside 1-800-Lucky in 2017, is best known for his poke restaurant and its in-house speakeasy-style omakase bar, the restaurateur shares that a passion for churros preceded those ideas.

"I always loved churros and ice cream together, but one of the only good churros I ever had — even to this day — was in Mexico," says Mayer, who worked with Oasis developer/owners David Weitz and Erik Rutter for more than a year to create a space inside the Wynwood restaurant and entertainment venue.

click to enlarge Miss Crispy Rice will specialize in open hand rolls and crispy rice. - PHOTO COURTESY OF MISS CRISPY RICE
Miss Crispy Rice will specialize in open hand rolls and crispy rice.
Photo courtesy of Miss Crispy Rice
Next month, Papi Churro will offer what Mayer believes are Miami's best churros. The sweet treats can be ordered alone, or stuffed and served as part of several specialty ice cream churro sundae. In addition to the ice cream creations, churros can also be filled with banana cream, milk chocolate, guava, cookie butter, and cream cheese (two pieces for $6.95).

The menu, heavily influenced by Samantha Schur's ideas, uses Miami-based Frice Cream, a local husband-and-wife team that collaborated with Papi Churro to create several custom flavors, including a banana crème fraîche salted caramel and a blue-hued Cookie Monster flavor.

From there, the idea evolved to create a unique dining experience to the Oasis' fast-casual setting.

Mayer says he's especially excited to introduce his take on a crispy rice bar with Miss Crispy Rice. The venue takes the relatively simple dish and offers guests an upmarket presentation, from the brand's custom-made acrylic hand roll stands and a menu that highlights top-shelf touches such as A5 wagyu and uni to the ten-seat bar's omakase-style presentation.

"Everyone loves crispy rice, and everyone loves sushi, but most of the crispy rice out there is made with salmon or tuna," Mayer says. "What if we put more high-end food on them instead?"

The crispy rice and hand roll flights include truffle avocado, salmon, and toro (five pieces for $35) and an A5 katsu sando ($65). Seating behind the intimate counter will be available by reservation only, with dishes doled out by the bar's two sushi chefs.

Following in the footsteps of Poke OG, Sushi OG will offer diners a menu of signature sushi rolls alongside new creations like the "Kat OG" roll, made with tempura fried asparagus, avocado, snow crab, and topped with torched wagyu and truffle microgreens ($20).

"You might not think of getting sushi and churros together, but at this location having these three concepts together just makes sense," sums up Mayer. "Here, I wasn't scared to bring them under one roof. It's sort of like a mini food hall within a food hall."

Crispy Rice, Papi Churro, and Sushi OG at Oasis Wynwood. 2335 N. Miami Ave, Miami;
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