Restaurant Inspections

Che Pasta, Lilo's Pizza, and Macy's Taste Bar Busted

So, you haven't heard from us in a while. Doesn't mean rat  turds aren't ending up in your lunch break. Brush your teeth and read on to find out who's been busted recently for health code violations at our local restaurants. The following inspections all occurred since October and were served with emergency closures...

Che Pasta - 19575 Biscayne Boulevard - Aventura - Read Full Report
Disgusting Quote:"An estimate of 100 or more wet and fresh rodent droppings were detected in dry storage area, an estimated 40 or more fresh rodent droppings detected under dry storage shelf of beverages, and an estimate of 20-30 dry and dark rodent droppings detected in front of service area. Repeat violation."

Filito Cafeteria - 2200 NW 12th Ave - Miami - Read Full Report

Disgusting Quote: "Observed roach activity as evidenced by live roaches found. Found 10 live roaches in kitchen by reach in cooler."

Macy's Taste Bar - 9100 SW 136 Street - The Falls - Read Full Report

Disgusting Quote: "Observed approximately 200 plus fresh rodent droppings under prep counter along right side of kitchen/front counter."

Lillo's Pizza - 12041 SW 117 Ave - Three Lakes - Read Full Report

Disgusting Quote: "Approx 200 semi fresh rodent dropping located around waterheater on floor(3 ft away from fountain soda boxes,4 ft from pizza dough table and floor mixer)."

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Jacob Katel
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