Buns & Buns Brunch: $2 Mimosas, Pork Belly, and Hot Nutella Buns (Photos)

If there's a guaranteed hangover cure, buns are it. Which is why at Buns & Buns, the only fast-casual restaurant to compete in Bravo's newest reality culinary competition Best New Restaurant, brunch dishes are served in or alongside your choice of one of their four buns.

There's a ciabatta bun, brioche bun, steamed buns (notice the plural), or naan bun to go along with smoked salmon egg benedict with brown butter and hollandaise sauce. More of a bacon person? Forego the fish for pig instead.

The self-proclaimed "gastro-fast" concept invites you to sit down and order mimosas as you go with full-service so long as you remember to pay right by the door before you leave. The brunch libation here will set you back 180 cents, or $2. Yes, two dollars for a mimosa. All. Weekend. Long. (Well, Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.) 

There's also sangrias for $8 a glass or $27 a pitcher if you're trying to make brunch a party, or a spicy passion cocktail ($7) with sake, jalapeño, and passion fruit puree. Less spicy than it is sweet, it's still a fitting summer bevvy.

For food, shares and sides from their lunch and menu have crossed over to weekends. Exhibit A: spinach poofs crowned with tahini, chives, and manchego cheese. ($5.35 for one or $7.35 for two people).

Exhibit B: grilled asparagus drizzled with lime and aioli. ($7.95 for one or $9.95 for two). Other shares and sides include French fries and corn fritters.

As for the brunch-centric items you've got pork belly and creamy polenta with sweet tamarind glaze with a poached egg and pickled red onions ($15.95).

Served with your choice of a bun, do yourself a favor and get the cheesy naan bun.

Brisket and fried eggs ($14.55) tops a toasted ciabatta with a mountain of brisket, a Portobello mushroom, and truffle sauce. The whole thing hides underneath a sheet of fried egg.

Brioche is the right call for bun in this instance.

Sweets pack a punch. The torreja ($7.35) soaks brioche in royal custard and is slathered with maple glaze. Ice cream keeps it cool. If you want more buns for dessert, there's wait for it, hot Nutella buns ($6.85). 

Buns and buns is launching a new dessert menu soon, and we got to try a piece of the pie sort to speak , only instead of the quintessential key lime pie it's a mousses with a graham cracker crumble to top it off.

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