Buena Vista Deli Opens Chocolate and Wine Shop Next Door (Photos)

The duo behind Buena Vista Deli and Buena Vista Bistro has launched another business on Northeast Second Avenue.

Cory Finot and Claude Postel opened Buena Vista Chocolate & Wine this week -- proffering a wide selection of bonbons, specialty teas, and affordable wines.

Postel actually comes from a long line of chocolate-makers. Hundreds of years ago in France, his relatives made chocolates for the royal family.

Now, his new store displays family relics. Antique chocolate molds, which were passed down to Postel, adorn two columns at the chocolate shop. "All of the chocolates are made from old recipes," explains Finot.

Some of them are more than 200 years old.

Chocolate varieties include saffron and honey, mint-infused cream with white chocolate, and strawberry kirsch with vanilla. Each bonbon costs $1.50.

The pair invested in a $20,000 chocolate tempering machine that's due to arrive soon. In the meantime, everything is done by hand.

When the machine gets in, they'll be expanding their offerings. Finot says they will start selling mentchikoffs soon. These chocolates, a speciality in the French northern city of Chartres, are filled with hazelnuts and covered in Swiss meringue.

"You eat them at room temperature and it's like an explosion of chocolate and hazelnuts in your mouth," he says. "You can't find these chocolates anywhere else in Miami."

Buena Vista Chocolate & Wine is located at 4557 NE 2nd Avenue. It's open daily from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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Emily Codik