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Biscayne Bay Brewing Company to Release Miami Marlins Lager

Biscayne Bay Brewing Company says its light-bodied German-style lager is the ideal teammate for baseball on a summer day.
Biscayne Bay Brewing Company says its light-bodied German-style lager is the ideal teammate for baseball on a summer day. Photo courtesy of Biscayne Bay Brewing Company
Late last year, the Miami Marlins and Biscayne Bay Brewing Company announced a partnership that would include a massive 3,000-square-foot brew hall at Marlins Park, located in the atrium near sections 15 and 16 on the promenade level. Now, the Doral-based brewery is primed to take the natural next step in its relationship with the baseball team.

They're making a beer together.

The beer, Marlins Lager, is advertised as a crisp, light-bodied, German-style lager that's the ideal teammate for baseball on a summer day. It's described as a soft beer with malty notes, low bitterness, noble hop aromas, and a crisp, clean finish.

"We are incredibly honored to be producing a beer with the Marlins," says Jose Mallea, president of Biscayne Bay Brewing. "The support they have shown us as an independent, locally owned craft brewery cannot be overstated, and we are excited to put out into market something that fans can enjoy in their own unique way. This is the perfect summer beer for Miami."
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Marlins Lager: Coming soon to a grocery store near you — and, with any luck, coming next year to Marlins Park.
Photo courtesy of Biscayne Bay Brewing Company
Thanks to COVID-19, it's increasingly unlikely that fans will be able to get their hands on Marlins Lager inside the ballpark during 2020's abbreviated 60-game season. But the limited-edition beer will be available for purchase at select Publix, Winn-Dixie, Milam's Market, Total Wine, and Whole Foods locations for the upcoming start of the baseball season. If the brew hall is not available to fans this year, fans can find the beer inside the new space in 2021.

According to the team's press release, the Marlins Lager partnership is about more than just beer and baseball; it's also about bringing together two Miami brands that are committed to the South Florida community. The team announced that for each six-pack of Marlins Lager sold, the Marlins will make a donation to the Miami Marlins Foundation's Home Plate Meals program, which supports the growing food-security needs in South Florida that have been heightened by the pandemic.

All in all, it's not a bad month for the Marlins. First, the MLB confirmed there will be baseball played this season. Now, they have their own beer. Finally, some good news.
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