AZ Canteen: Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre Food Truck Rolling Through Town

Good news, folks!

If you're a fan of Andrew Zimmern or world traveling or bull penises and insects, you'll want to listen up.

The Travel Channel's globetrotting gourmand has a new food truck called AZ Canteen, and rumor has it he'll stop by our neighborhood in the coming months.

What kind of food does an Andrew Zimmern food truck carry, you ask? You better believe it's as wild as you can imagine -- and probably all palatable.

Today the food truck is in his home state of Minnesota, but a few sources have announced that AZ Canteen is scheduled to roll through South Florida in November, though we weren't able to receive confirmation.

Still, we're excited.

According to a statement by Zimmern on AZ Canteen's website, "I love food. What I love even more is food with a story. These foods resonated with me, and I'm thrilled to share my culinary experiences with you."

The menu includes dishes like andouille; oyster and crab gumbo; cabrito (goat) butter burgers with roasted tomatoes, charred onions, and pickles; cabrito sausage grinders with cabbage slaw; and griddled veal tongue with lemon, capers, and tonnato sauce. Always the lover of sweets, AZ Canteen also carries handcrafted ice-cream sandwiches and Nicaraguan dulce de leche shaved ice with poundcake -- not unlike the one Zimmern enjoyed at Miami's Fritanga Montelimar during his bizarre tour of Florida.

Beverage options include hibiscus punch (surely a nod to agua de jamaica), a juice of the day, and handcrafted sodas.

The truck's Twitter feed announced a combo meal of entrée, chips, a drink, and an ice-cream sandwich for $12 -- which means the price point for the food probably won't be outrageous.

"This carefully curated menu showcases some inspired versions of the best food I've discovered on the road. From a Nicaraguan shaved ice that I've only seen once outside of Central America [he's talking about Miami!] to goat sausage grinders made with an exclusive cabrito blend from my friend Pat LaFrieda," Zimmern's statement says.

"I hope you see what I see -- which is that they're all delicious... and at that point, these foods will become a part of your story too."

Stay tuned for more updates from AZ Canteen. We'll be tracking its whereabouts so you can taste this bizarre experience.

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