All-Vegan Morning Glory Organic Coffee Shop to Open in Coconut Grove

Lattes for days!
Lattes for days! Courtesy of Morning Glory Organic Coffee
Morning Glory Organic Coffee, an all-vegan coffee shop, is about to open in Coconut Grove.

The brew spot, set to launch Saturday, October 6, will offer mochas, espresso, coffees, and teas, all made with dairy-free milks.

Menu items include an array of specialty lattes and mochas, such as the Miami Bulletproof, with house blend coffee, MCT oil, coconut oil, and vanilla infusion; the New Yorker, with espresso, masala chai, vanilla, and cinnamon spice; and the Chicago Bean, with espresso, candied orange, and smooth dark chocolate. Prices are not yet available.
click to enlarge Coffee is a food group. - COURTESY OF MORNING GLORY ORGANIC COFFEE
Coffee is a food group.
Courtesy of Morning Glory Organic Coffee
In addition, the café — located in Coconut Grove's vShops, will offer loose-leaf teas in glass canisters so customers can pick up, smell, and choose their flavors — and mix and match. Teas will be served with individual infusers and a mug of hot water.

"From the start, we knew the vShops would need a solid coffee vendor to complement the breakfast foods offered by Choices Organic Café — with more to come — and to offer guests the option of getting a really special coffee drink that could be enjoyed while hanging out in our space," vShops president Lori Zito says.

"We've been taking our time to choose the flavor combinations and perfect each specialty drink," she adds. "The decision to offer only organic coffee, teas, and flavorings was a no-brainer for us; coffee is one of the highest-pesticide crops. We've partnered with a Florida coffee-roasting company that is very much in line with our ethics, as they are organic, fair trade, and even a B-corp."

The coffee spot marks the sixth addition to the plant-based vShops, following Southern Sol Garden BBQ, Choices Café, Neo's Blender, Next Generation Pizza, and Ice Dream Parlor. More concepts are on the way.

"Morning Glory Organic Coffee was one of the first three vendors selected and confirmed, but we wanted to launch it in the fall when the weather in Miami was starting to cool down and guests would be more excited about the concept," Zito says.

Morning Glory Organic Coffee. 2895 McFarlane Rd., Coconut Grove; 305-414-0330;
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