Who Is the Middle-Finger Lady Making All Miami Heat Fans Proud This Morning? UPDATED

Middle-finger lady: Riptide salutes you, for you are truly the soul of Miami embodied. Your patterned silk shirt: Glorious. Your tan: Immaculate. Your leather purse, gold jewelry and white pants: Perhaps wrong for a basketball contest, but oh so right.

And your look of pure glee as you shove your middle digit directly into Joakim Noah's recently ejected face? Well, that just speaks for all the Magic City. WE MUST KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Help us out, Miami!

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Update: NBC6 anchor Adam Kuperstein says he's solved the mystery. The man is a "VP of a wealth management firm in Atlanta" and Middle-Finger Woman is his fiancée.

Update 2: OK, this story just got 100 times greater. The Sun Sentinel is now reporting that Middle-Finger Woman is none other than Filomena Tobias. If her name sounds familiar, it's because she was all over the news in 2008, when her then-husband, trader Seth Tobias, was found dead in their swimming pool.

In case you missed the game last night, the Heat treated the Bulls like a car bumper on a South Beach parallel parking job, AKA they beat the hell out of them.

Once the game was totally out of hand, it got chippy, and Noah, as Noah does, started barking at everyone and making that special lemon face of his. He was ejected from the bench:

On the way out, a true Dade hero let Noah have it and instantly became a meme.

Someone knows this woman. Everything about her looks so familiar already. Is she on Real Housewives? Is she sitting in Joe's Stone Crab every time we've ever walked by? And what about her husband? He's one of those right-on-the-tip-of-your-tongue Miami characters, that County Commissioner you can't quite place or that developer that just skirted out of trouble last year and still owns half of South Beach.

Hook us up, people. We must properly salute this couple -- with a glorious middle-finger tribute of our own, of course.

Update: Kuperstein reports via Twitter that he's interviewed the man in the photo, though he doesn't name him. He says the couple is from Atlanta. Atlanta? We've seen The Real Housewives of Atlanta. This lady is in the wrong metro area.

Update 2: The Sun Sentinel spoke with Filomena Tobias' daughter, who confirmed it's her mom in the photo and said, "She's embarrassed, but she's being a good sport."

For a good recap of Filomena's claim to fame, check out this 2008 piece in New York magazine, which recounts Seth Tobias' death as well as the maelstrom of bizarre accusations surrounding him and his then-wife.

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