'Tea Party At Sea' Combines Best Parts of Ranting At Government, Crusing Caribbean

Do you love arguing about the liberal socialist agenda to destroy America but wish you could quote the Constitution in a more nautical setting? Do you love cruising the Caribbean, but think constantly about how much more you would love it if you could share those golden sunsets with Tea Party luminaries like Alan Keys and Jerome Corsi?

At last, the perfect vacation package for you has arrived: the "Tea Party At Sea," an eight-day cruise leaving Miami this Sunday and featuring a packed schedule of "freedom embracing" speakers. It's not too late to get your tickets, patriots!

Riptide caught wind of this unique experiment in leisure libertarianism yesterday when we visited the "Taking America Back" conference out in Doral. As we picked up our media badge inside the exclusive Doral Golf and Spa, we couldn't help but notice another box of name-tags labeled "Tea Party At Sea."

Turns out, WorldNewsDaily, the conservative blog that sponsored the Doral conference, has a whole website about their cruise.

"ENLIST NOW to be on board with the most freedom-embracing and liberty-loving navy at sea: the WND Navy and the Tea Party at Sea!" the site exhorts. "During our week together you will hear inspiring and challenging messages and critiques by our esteemed panelists ... In between our times of sharpening and edifying you will experience the beauty of the magnificent Caribbean seas."

Now that is a sales pitch. Speakers include Joseph Farah, founder of WND.com, Jerome Corsi -- inventor of the "Swift Boat" myth -- and Alan Keyes, perennially untenable GOP presidential nominee.

In between all the "Obama is Hitler" comparisons, the cruise will stop in St. Maarten, Puerto Rico and Hispaniola.

All that freedom doesn't come cheap, though. An indoors cabin runs $684, and if you really want to pony up, the Grand Stateroom is on the market for $2077.

Riptide called WorldNetDaily to ask how sales have gone for the Tea Party At Sea -- we haven't heard back yet. But we can tell you that the box full of name-tags for cruisers at the conference had well over 100 tags in it yesterday, so presumably more than a few freedom-lovers signed up.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.