Rick Scott Has Business Connection With Mexican Playboy

Suddenly surging Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott has so, so much money we really can't expect him to know what he has done with it all. Though, surprisingly for a guy who has built a sizable portion of his platform on adopting Arizona's controversial immigration laws, which some people see as straight-up anti-Mexican, he does have a lot of business interests that cater to Mexicans.

Scott at one point invested in a company that helps immigrants send remittances back to Mexico, and now it turns out he owned a stake in a Mexican social networking site that has cozily crawled into bed with Playboy's Mexican edition.

According to the Buzz, as recently as April 2010, SEC filings show Scott owned a 13.8 percent interest in Quepasa.com, a social networking site that targets Hispanics.

Beginning last year, while Scott was an investor, the company partnered with Playboy Mexico, and users could help choose the "Cyber Chica of the Month." Playboy, you might remember, is the same mag that featured a Virgin Mary-like cover that pissed off our old friends Rick Sanchez and Father Alberto Cutié so very much.

So let's ask the important question here: While Rick Scott does not seem to care much about the immigration rights of Mexicans, does this mean he fully supports their right to pose naked online? Does anyone caught reading Mexican Playboy need to carry their papers to prove they are an American citizen? Will Bill McCollum bring up the Mexican Playboy issue when the two debate? (Oh, right, that's probably the more important Scott news of the day. McCollum has agreed to debate him.)

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