Richard Simmons Comes to Cuban Exileville

There are few souls more energetic than fitness legend Richard Simmons. In fact, I'm sure that he's a life-sized jumping bean. Seriously. Have you seen this video? He's known for his dolphin shorts and curly fro, but his commitment to health and fitness for regular folk is what he'll go down in the history books for. His workouts are generally low-impact and feature him screaming out little tidbits of encouragement like "You're hot!" and "Lift that leggg!" while hamming it up for the camera. Tomorrow he'll be at Bayside Marketplace (401 Biscayne Blvd., Miami) ruining your lunh break, er, getting you healthy. At noon he'll lead an aerobics class and after that he'll give energizing fitness and nutrition tips, and a "human fuel station" with free Cranergy - Ocean Spray's attempt to force your booty into motion.

P.S. Simmons may be known for Sweatin' to the Oldies, but you gotta love watching him Huff and Puff to Hip-Hop

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