Rhonda Lee Quaresma, Female Bodybuilding Champ, Busted for Prostitution in Florida

The life of a female body building champion is full of extremes. When they're on stage with their muscles bulging, posing suit sparkling, and audience captivated, they must feel they're invincible. That they can crush any of life's problems with their rippling muscles as easily as they could surely crush us normal folk. Ah, but off stage they're often regarded as freaks of femininity. How do they manage to devote themselves to their fitness passion while also trying to pay their bills and make their way in a society that often shuns them? It's not uncommon for many to cater to those special few men who get a sexual thrill out of their hard earned muscle mounds by turning to the worlds of pornography and prostitution. Such is the story of Rhonda Lee Quaresma.

Quaresma, 42, was once hailed as having the most perfectly sculpted physique of any woman in the great white north. claims that she won the overall Canadian Championship in her first attempt and also boasts a flawless amateur competitive record. Unfortunately, for reasons not specified by the site, a long term pro career wasn't in the works for Quaresma so she turned to using her body to make money in other ways.

The Fort Meyers News-Press reports that the Toronto-native was busted for prostitution this weekend in Bonita Springs by Lee County Sheriff's Deputies.

An Undercover detective arranged to meet Quaresma after reading an ad online in which she called herself "Miss Sparkle". He agreed to pay her $280 for an hour of her time, but when she instructed him to leave the money on the nightstand other Deputies entered the room and arrested the fallen champ. She was charged with one count of prostitution and released on bail.

Though her official website makes no mention of offering up her personal time, Quaresma often poses for sexual photo shoots and has appeared in adult videos after leaving the world of competitive body building.

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Kyle Munzenrieder