Petition Launches to Oppose American Dreams Miami Megamall

Opposition to the American Dreams Miami megamall is mounting fast. First ambitious school board member Raquel Regalado declared that Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez's support of the project has caused her to finally make the decision to run against him next year.

Now a group of citizens are circulating a petition calling on Gimenez to rethink his support of the project.

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Dreamed up by the company behind the Mall of America in Minneapolis, American Dreams Miami plans to be the continent's largest mall. It would also feature attractions like a mini-theme park, artificial coral reef, fake ski slope, amongst other plans.

"Join us in declaring our opposition to American Dream Miami and every other super-sized private development that completely disregards Miami-Dade's urban, ecological, and cultural character," declared the petition.

Though the project promises to create 25,000 jobs during construction, and 25,000 permanent jobs once open, the petition started by David Decespedes points out that many of those jobs will be part-time and low paying.

The protest also brings up an interesting point that since Miami-Dade is home to so many natural and existing attractions, new, artificial tourist-hooking attractions aren't needed.

"Cultural dynamism, ecological diversity, beautiful beaches, and a burgeoning arts community are just a handful of what already makes Miami a global destination," reads the petition. "Building artificial ski-slopes and indoor amusement parks are simply profit-driven gimmicks that South Floridians never asked for, and contrary to Mayor Gimenez's remarks, would not "create a destination that would attract visitors from around the world."

Though the 200-acre development would be within the Urban Development Line, the petition worries that the project could spur other development in the area that could threaten the UDL.

The petition ends by encouraging signers to contact Mayor Gimenez directly to try and get him to drop his support of the project.

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Kyle Munzenrieder