Obama Robot to be Set Loose in Central Florida

Growing up in Florida I've been to the Magic Kingdom a respectable amount of times, and yet I've never been to the hall of Presidents. By most accounts it' can be a terrifying and awkward thing. 

One of the main points of the show, I'm told, is a speech by an animatronic version of the current president, followed by a speech by robot Lincoln. Both Clinton and Bush recorded speeches specifically for the attraction, and The New York Times reports that President Obama has followed suit. However, unlike Bush and Clinton the robot representing him is a completely new model. We know this because of this wonderful line from the exhibit's wikipedia page

"The Audio-Animatronic figure created for President Bill Clinton was recycled and used for President George W. Bush. President Clinton is now a lesser Audio-Animatronic Figure, and the same is expected for President Bush now that he has left office." 

President Bush: Now a lesser Audio-Animatronic Figure. 

The exhibit has been closed since election day, and Obamabot will be unveiled on July 4th. Other facelifts to the exhibit include a new video narrated by Morgan Freeman, and a speaking role for George Washington, who apparently previously featured the indignity of being a lesser Audio-Animatronic Figure. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder