Miami Living Accidentally Publishes Penis Shadow in Cox Issue

Miami Living, one of these locally-focused luxury style mags that somehow manages to survive, has accidentally published a penis! Well, the shadow of something that sure looks like a penis.

Fox News, of all places, first caught the snafu. The mag's latest issue, which features the appropriately named Courtney Cox on the cover, features an advertisement for The ad features two women, snuggled close under the covers while wearing black bras. A long, phallic shadow with an unmistakable head is cast across one woman's chest.

Mess ups like that tend to happen when your editor-in-chief doesn't even live anywhere near Miami, we suppose.

"This was just now brought to our attention. Miami Living Magazine would like to apologize for not noticing the image," Miami Living's editor-in-chief Vanessa Pascale told Fox News, before placing the blame on the advertiser in a slightly conspiracy-minded manner.

"I myself have looked over the magazine dozens of times (prior to this being brought to my attention) and did not detect anything hidden in the ad, which leads me to believe that must have tipped someone off as a publicity stunt. We trusted them as an advertiser."

Funny thing about Pascale is that according to her MySpace and Twitter she lives in West Hollywood, California.

One of the magazine's previous EICs, Matthew Mayo, lived in Maine while running the magazine. The former editor of the style magazine also is a prolific writer of Western novels., which is owned by the same company as extramarital affair site, says that the penis shadow was intentional on their end.

"When we created the ad, we never imagined a magazine like Miami Living would approve it, but judging by the amount of sign-ups we received since the magazine has come out, this 'shadow penis' ad seems to work and might become a staple of our campaign," a rep told

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Kyle Munzenrieder