LeBron James Throws Support Behind Obama on Twitter

Dwyane Wade hasn't been shy about sharing his political beliefs. He endorsed Kendrick Meek in Florida's 2010 Senate race, and earlier today he published an impassioned essay throwing his support behind President Obama. His teammate LeBron James' political leanings haven't always been quite so public, but we're pretty sure King James just put his support behind Obama on Twitter.

Here's LeBron's Tweet:

Late last night he also Tweeted a link to a page on Obama's website where voters can look up their polling places. Yeah, it makes sense he'd vote for Obama, but for a guy who possibly based his decision to play basketball in Florida because the state lacks income tax, you never know.

Of course, Obama's reelection hopes may depend on Ohio, and, well, James isn't exactly Mr. Popular there. So who knows how thrilled Obama is to get a LBJ endorsement at this point.

Dwyane Wade, meanwhile, made his endorsement a little more clear in his Jet essay:

Over the last four years, I have been continually inspired and reassured by the President's unfaltering commitment to improving the lives of all Americans. He passed historic health reform, making health insurance affordable and accessible to millions. He made substantial improvements in education that reflect his commitment to empowering our future leaders. He brought the economy back from the brink and we've seen 30 straight months of private sector job growth. But our work is not done. Though we've come a long way, there is still much left to do, not only for us, but for our sons and daughters across the country who will now have permission to dream bigger dreams.

Wade was spotted voting early last week at Government Center in Downtown Miami. We're not sure whether James is still registered in Ohio, or reregistered in Florida, but Obama could use his vote in either.

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