Julio Robaina's Continually Conflicting Statements on Gay Rights is a Sick Sign of Desperation

Up in New York State they've finally passed a bill legalizing same sex marriage. Meanwhile, down in Miami-Dade we've got a mayoral candidate who can't even decided if he's for or against domestic partnership laws and seems to have wildly flip-flopped between stances. Julio Robaina says he believes in the "sanctity of marriage," but he seems to have little regard for the sanctity of telling the truth or sticking to his word.

Back in April, Robaina submitted a signed questionnaire to Miami-Dade's leading GLBT rights organization Save Dade. He told the organization he supported a statewide domestic partner registry, visitation rights and "other basic rights" for gay and unmarried opposite sex couples.

In the past week, Robaina has done a complete 180 on the stance. He sneered the endorsement of the right wing anti-gay group Christian Family Council by supporting a host of anti-gay positions, including denying even domestic partnerships to same-sex couples.

Then in a debate between Robaina and Carlos Gimenez taped on Friday, Robaina announced he would support efforts to repeal benefits currently offered by the county to employees with same-sex partners, including health insurance. He'd also seek to repeal laws that allow same-sex partners to visit each other in the hospital and the jail.

Robaina's 180 is shameless and desperate. Now trailing Gimenez in polls, it appears Robaina is willing to contort himself to appeal to the fringes of the fringe even at a time when the majority of American support not only domestic partnerships but full gay marriage. Not only is Robaina painfully out of touch by supporting such hateful politics, but he's showing his true desperate political colors in doing so.

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Kyle Munzenrieder