Herald Explains Why It Deleted Sentence from Worldwide Climate Change Op-Ed

When The Miami Herald was the only American paper to run a world-wide op-ed about Climate Change by London newspaper The Guardian we thought either they must be the only daily in this country with balls on that particular issue, or because they've fired so much of their staff they just desperately needed the copy.

Though, it was a little odd when they deleted a sentence that was somewhat critical of America.

Turns out, according to editorial page editor Myriam Marquez they dropped the line because they actually didn't have enough space.

She tells The Guardian that the ed was all laid out when she was sent a last minute, one-line re-write.

She decided to delete the missing line: "Even now the world finds

itself at the mercy of American domestic politics, for the president

cannot fully commit to the action required until the U.S. Congress has

done so."

"I deleted the sentence in the next paragraph about

the U.S. Congress because it wasn't anything our readers don't already

know. The American public understands plainly that any treaty MUST have

the consent of the U.S. Senate, and some agreements require the entire

Congress," she told The Guardian.

Whatever. Atleast they didn't run an editorial by noted science expert Sarah Palin on the subject like The Washington Post did

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Kyle Munzenrieder