Florida Tampon Thief Found Stuffed in a Tight Box

To be a successful tampon thief, one must think like a tampon. Unfortunately, Alyson Strosser, 47, didn't prove to be a good fit for her hiding spot when police tracked her down. 

Strosser was caught by a CVS manager in Port St. Lucie trying to steal a host of items on December 14. According to Off the Beat, Strosser had tried to sneak "Sutter Home wine, Tampax tampons, laundry detergent, cosmetic items, Crystal Light drink mix, and nail polish" into a floral book bag. When she was confronted by the manager, she emptied the book bag and fled in a Ford Explorer. 

More than a month later, on January 25, local deputies tracked the Explorer to Strosser and visited her home. They noticed the car in the driveway and inside saw the sweater Strosser had been wearing in surveillance video. 

When they knocked on the front door, Strosser's husband answered and said she wasn't home. He refused the officers entry, so they left to obtain a warrant. 

When they returned, the husband once again claimed Strosser wasn't home. However, another officer had gone to stake out the back of the home and thought he saw Strosser fleeing into the garage. 

Now armed with a warrant, the officers entered the garage and found Strosser inside a cardboard box trying to conceal herself. The hiding spot didn't quite work, and Strosser complied when she was ordered out of the box. 

She was arrested and charged with misdemeanor theft charges. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.