Florida Man Bites Police Car, Causes $600 in Damage To Paint Job

​The Santa Rosa County tooth fairy must be pissed this morning. Thanks to a local man named Eric Scott who was allegedly on one hell of a drug trip, she's going to need a few extra rolls of quarters to pay off his debts this morning.

Police say the 47-year-old Milton, Florida resident went ballistic after they responded to calls that he was having a medical emergency, fighting officers and eventually scraping his teeth across the hood of their patrol car with such force that he ripped off the paint. Click through for a crazy photo of the damage.

The trouble started with Scott knocking on doors, asking residents to call 911 to get him an ambulance, reports the Northwest Florida Daily News.

When the cops showed up, Scott -- whose nose and hands were bleeding freely -- became agitated, threw his flashlight at a mailbox and began to curse, threatening the deputies' lives. Then, after they cuffed him and threw him on the hood, the cops say he scraped his teeth so hard across the paint that this happened:

Shockingly enough, police now believe Scott was under the influence of a narcotic that caused hallucinations and confusion. Drug tests are pending, but the NW Florida Daily News reports he may have been high on "bath salts," the faux-cocaine sweeping through parts of Florida this year.

After they finally settled Scott down, he asked deputies to "kill him" and hospital staff to place a plastic bag over his head.

Police say he managed to cause $600 in damages with his teeth. He faces charges of criminal mischief and resisting an officer without violence.

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