Florida Man Attempts to Set Himself on Fire, But No One Lets Him Borrow a Lighter

We don't recommend anyone go the self-immolation route, but if you're going to attempt it, at least give it a long, hard thought. It's not something to do in haste. 

Kalpeshkumar Patel, a 40-year-old former employee of at a High Spring, Florida gas station was so pissed at his ex-boss he attempted to set himself and his car on fire. So he doused himself in gasoline in front of the gas station. There was just one hitch: he didn't have a lighter, and no one would let him borrow one. 

Patel pulled into the Chevron station in High Spring at about 9:20 PM.

According to The Gainesville Sun

, he had been feuding with his ex-boss. The owner of the gas station told police Patel left several threatening messages on his phone, including a threat to light his car on fire in order to burn down the Chevron. 

Patel used a gas pump to pour gasoline all over himself and his car, and then asked customers for a lighter. Thankfully this story did not get too WTFlorida, and no one gave him one. Part of us wouldn't be that surprised if someone said, "Yeah, sure, use mine." See, Floridians sometimes are rude for a reason. 

Police arrived and arrested Patel on charges of aggravated assault and attempted arson of a structure.

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