Florida Man Arrested for Battery by Pizza

Lots of weird things happen every week in Florida, and every Friday we're here to round up the weirdest. This week: battery by pizza, a shark crash on I-95, and a reminder not to call police to report your missing marijuana money.

Florida Man Arrested for Throwing Pizza at Roommate
Some people may live by the credo that no time is a bad time for pizza, but apparently Florida law says otherwise. Daniel Allen Plunkett, a 50-year-old from Treasure Island, was arrested last week for throwing a slice of pizza at his roommate. 

On June 3, Plunkett began arguing with Brenda Fiejdasz about pizza inside the apartment they share. The arrest report does not elaborate why the two were arguing about pizza, but Plunkett allegedly ended up throwing a slice at Fiejdasz and struck her left hand. There were no injuries, but deputies noted the pizza was still hot. Deputies also noted that Fiejdasz had sauce on her shoulder. 

Plunked tried to defend himself by saying Fiejdasz threw pizza at him first, and he indeed had sauce on his chest. However, he ended up getting booked for simple battery. 

Truck Full of Sharks Crashes on I-95
Sharks are not supposed to take over Florida's highways until the great global-warming crisis of 2075, but apparently four of the fish were cruising along I-95 in a semi when a tire blew and sent the big rig careening into some trees. One of the sharks was killed in the crash

To be clear, the sharks themselves were not driving. The reef sharks, each about five feet long, were being transported from Marathon in the Keys to an aquarium in Coney Island in New York. The accident happened in Volusia County. Aside from the dead shark, no one else was seriously injured. The three remaining sharks were transported to SeaWorld until a new truck could take them to their final destination.

Woman Calls Police to Report Man Stole Her Marijuana Money
Zakan Allan of Fort Lauderdale just wanted to buy drugs. So she went to her local drug house with $5, but her drug dealer decided to just take her cash without supplying her with any drugs. Naturally, Allan called 911. 

"He got my money, and I want my drugs," she told the 911 dispatcher. 

Police responded — not to ensure that Allan got her dugs, but rather to arrest her. She was charged with misuse of the 911 system. 

Cops ended up finding flakka on her, so she caught a possession charge too. 
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Kyle Munzenrieder