Five Reasons The Social Network Thinks You Should Date a Tech Geek

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The Social Network

has given

Mark Zuckerberg



an insurmountable amount of free press, but many are failing to see the bigger picture: It breaks down the barriers and makes tech enthusiasts and the tech community look cool, sexy, and oh-so-datable, too.

Sure, everyone subscribes to the general stereotype that if someone's into technology, they must be smart and eventually somewhat well off, but few seem to realize what really makes us techies a real catch. And thanks to the Facebook movie, our strengths are being broadcast nationwide. Hey, we're not just good for helping you out with your homework. Check out our five reasons for dating a techie after the jump.

1. They're loyal.
One thing we can probably guess is true of most techies is this: They won't cheat on you. They don't have the time for that. They're so busy coming up with the next big thing, they just want to spend their free time idolizing you. They'll try to finish their work faster to spend more time with you. They'll take you with them whenever they go out because they're not at all ashamed of you. They'll display you like their "look at what I got" badge of honor. Seriously. Look at Eduardo Saverin's character. His girlfriend texted him 40 something times in one night, and tried to pick a fight with him because he hadn't updated his Facebook relationship status, and he still wasn't upset. He handed her a gift. He didn't decide to break up with her until she tried to set his apartment on fire. Now that's dedication.

2. They're committed to their work and respect your need for space.
No one likes a person who has no life and acts like a stage five clinger all the time. We all need our space. The great thing about techies is that they love granting you that space. Need a few hours to yourself to get a mani/pedi and do some shopping? They get it. They'll be there, programming, coding, and/or fixing something until you get back. You won't get any jealous phone calls asking where you are right now or who you're with. They won't threaten to "beat anyone up" if you just want to spend the night out with friends. They'll stay so busy we probably won't even notice how much time has passed by.

3. They know important people.
Ever tried six degrees of separation with a techie? Look at Mark Zuckerberg. Somehow he ended up being connected to the dude that invented Napster. So we're guessing if you date a techie, he probably has some sort of connection you don't know you'll need in the near future. Want a personal website designed with your resume and your portfolio? Need someone to rebuild your latest tech gadget that you destroyed by carelessly spilling water on it? He knows a guy.

4. It's cool to date a techie now.
Hey, it happened for vampires with Twilight, so what makes you think it won't be cool to want to be like/date a techie? The Social Network did for people buried behind their high performance desktops what the vampire phenomenon did for the undead. And we know you don't want to put on fangs, paint your face white or put drops of fake blood around your lips to pick up chicks. Being with a tech geek is so much more low maintenance.

5. They're a lot more social than you might think.
Sure, us techies prefer staying in cuddling with our laptops over going out partying, but that doesn't mean they don't party. They're connected to the interwebs and have a few hundred friends on all of their social networking sites. They probably tweet avidly with strangers, have online conferences across the globe from their living room, and keep up-to-date with the latest newsfeed updates. How's that for social? If the Social Network proves anything, it's how much they really do like to unwind. In fact, after a long day of being "wired in," all they want to do is drink and hang out ... With you.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.