Don Francisco, 70-Year-Old Host Of Univision's Sabado Gigante, Faces Chilean Paternity Suit

​​Anyone who watches Univision's decades-long institution, Sabado Gigante, knows that host Don Francisco is kind of a baller. The 70-year-old variety show wizard is an unholy mutant blend of Bob Barker, Simon Cowell and Anderson Cooper, all in a body that stole George Hamilton's skin and wardrobe.

But a paternity suit? At your age? Don Francisco! A Chilean man, indeed, is demanding in court that the host turn over his DNA to determine whether or not he's a padre.

Francisco -- whose real name is Mario Kreuztberger -- has released a brief statement to the AP about the lawsuit:

"Today in the morning I learned in the media of this supposed paternity demand against me," Kreutzberger said in an email sent yesterday afternoon. "I'm seeking legal help in Chile to analyze the existence of this supposed demand and according to that, will take the necessary steps."

The man who filed the suit is 43 years old and identified in court papers only as Patricio Abraham F. His lawyer tells the AP that he "doesn't want money," only the closure of  knowing whether he's the spawn of Don Francisco.

Kreutzberger, a native of Chile, brought his Sabado Gigante to Miami's Univision in 1986 and hasn't slowed down since. 

Just this week, Don Francisco scooped the rest of the TV market by landing Father Albert Cutie and his new family for an hour-long special.

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