Cubadave, Sex Tourism Advocate, Spends Christmas in a Costa Rican Prison

Back in 2013, New Times profiled Dave Strecker, a self-proclaimed sex addict who gave men information on prostitutes in the Caribbean, including Cuba. He is a softball-playing construction worker from Minnesota who moved to Key West and found a vocation on the edge of the law. 

Not long after our story, Strecker was arrested in the Dominican Republic and his camera was confiscated.

But now he may be in real trouble. In a landmark case, he was arrested again — this past September — under a relatively new Costa Rican law that prohibits third parties from making money off prostitution. 

According to the Key West Citizen and Strecker's website, Cubadave.com, he is among the first, if not the very first, to be prosecuted under the law. Prostitution is legal in Costa Rica.

The New Times feature described the then 64-year-old Strecker this way: "The smiling spokesman of a seedy sexscape that was — until recently — kept under wraps...He thinks of himself as the good guy, a member of the fourth estate who helps men navigate international law and stay safe."

Strecker's website has been transformed by friends and associates into a call for his freeing. It laments his arrest at the San Jose airport September 4 and notes that Strecker will "now spend Christmas in prison with convicted murders, pedofiles (sic), rapists and narcotraffickers."

The site is also gathering money for his defense, and, so far, Cubadave's supporters have given $4,225. 

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