Bubba The Love Sponge Holds Face Eating Contest Because He Is Horrible

Bubba the Love Sponge, the horrible Tampa-based shock jock who last showed up in this space when he suggested that the death of half a million Haitians would actually be a good thing, has decided to hold a face eating contest in the wake of the horrific attack that occurred here in Miami. Because Bubba the Love Sponge is horrible, and of course he would do something like that.

In a stunt dubbed the "Homeless Miami Cannibal Face Eating Challenge," Bubba strapped masks made out of meat to two bearded men and then had two other people eat the meat in what we guess is a race. This is funny in the same way that looking at your own shit in the toilet is funny, which is to say, not very to anyone with an IQ over 45.

The full video appears to be on some subscription website that also includes such classy fair as the "Trayvon Martin Challenge" and the "2012 Mexican Olympics" in addition to a lot of videos that feature boobs. Not that we want to publicize the site. There's already enough stupid shit for free on YouTube, and if you want to pay for boobs then, well, buy some real porn.

Anyway, coming up next week on Bubba's show: something called "the gay mall challenge," and, perhaps most offensively, Tucker Carlson.

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