British Millionaire's Wife Arrested After Blowing Another Man in an Orlando Bathroom While Her Husband Watched

Chris and Mary Gorman, a British couple that are worth around $72 million, decided to take an Orlando theme park vacation back in August. Things turned decidedly not-so-family friendly when the parents decided to take a date night at a club. Both were arrested after Mary allegedly gave another man oral sex in a nightclub while Chris watched.

Chris Gorman made millions as the director of the Gadget Shop, a sort of British, lower-end version of a Sharper Image. In 2005 he was even awarded the Order of the British Empire by the Queen herself for his contribution to business.

However Gorman allegedly was acting quite beneath his order of chivalry in Orlando.

Police says they found the Gormans and another unidentified black man inside a locked stall in the men's room of the Roxy Club in Orlando. According to the police report, Gorman was watching his wife blow the other man. While the arrest occurred in August, it didn't come to light until this week. 

A small amount of cocaine was also found in Mary Gorman's purse, and on her arrest she allegedly lashed out at police. She was charged battery of an officer and possession of cocaine.

Chris Gorman was charged with interfering with police, but apparently those charges have already been dropped. Neither face public indecency charges, and they have been allowed to return to the UK. The other man was not charged.

The couple have four children aged 7 to 21. The children were in the care of a nanny at the time.

However, the Gormans, who have a prim and proper public image in Britain, have denied all allegations.

"We firmly believe that we have not done anything to merit the charges or treatment we received," Mary Gorman said in an email obtained by The Telegraph. "We totally refute all the charges and have appointed an excellent attorney in Orlando who fully expects a successful resolution in due course."

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Kyle Munzenrieder