And Now Some Dumb Words from Your State Political Parties

You know what is really, really hot right now? Governor corruption! Especially involving governors who are quite particular about their hair. So the Democratic Party of Florida decided to get in on this hot political meme by issuing a memo from spokesman Eric Jotkoff charging Charlie Crist with his own corruption problems, on this, the week of his holy matrimony.

"Recently Florida has seen numerous examples of Crist allowing

Republican corruption scandals to continue to fester under his watch.

Crist's defense of embattled Speaker Ray Sansom, continued support

for his handpicked Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer, and

the fact that Crist bundler Harry Sargeant III remains RPOF Finance

Chairman proves that while Crist continues smiling for the cameras, his

out-of-touch optimism and George W. Bush-like inattentiveness have

allowed Republican corruption to fester, our economy to tank, and

Floridians to suffer."

But the Grand Ol' Party won't be outdone in the race for over-the-top mud-slinging memos. No, sir.

They responded by saying the Dems are "continuing to hurl hyper-partisan attacks across the aisle instead of working for change," and then proceeded to hurl hyper-partisan attacks across the aisle.

"While accusing Republicans of election losses, Thurman neglects to

mention that the Florida Democrats had an unprecedented amount of cash,

staff, and resources this election cycle, but they still couldn't beat

one Republican incumbent Legislator this year.

If Karen Thurman and the Democrats are interested in doing what's best

for Floridians, they would stop the nonsense, end the political games,

and give up the ridiculous attacks.

If the Democrats want to do what's best for Republicans, they will keep up the same old attacks and repetitive losses."

You guys, settle down. This week is a week in Florida politics when two entities should be able to pretend to enter some sort of arrangement of mutual respect and admiration and manipulate it for political advantage. Can you please, please find a way to stop fighting and start working on our problems?

-- Kyle Munzenrieder

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.