YesJulz and Wale Go at It on Twitter

Twitter beef is a lot like McDonald’s beef: tasteless, poorly crafted, and devoid of substance. Such tastelessness was on full display this past weekend during a heated exchange between Washington, D.C.-based rapper Wale and Miami Snapchat socialite YesJulz.

Wale — who already has an extensive and well-documented history of inane and petty Twitter feuds — kicked off the 140-character war of words with the following: 

YesJulz — who declined to comment on the story — interpreted the tweet to be not-so-subtly directed toward her and her recently leaked sex tape, which was stolen off her phone and then used in a failed attempt to extort $18,000 from the social media star. Hencha Voigt, the fellow Snapchat model who hatched the plot, was arrested when she attempted to collect the money outside Miami Beach's Standard Spa.

Though the extortion plot was unsuccessful, the sexually explicit tape in question eventually found its way to the internet. So Julz responded to Wale in kind: 

The dispute descended into petty and sometimes uncomfortable lows.

Wale was eager to pick the low-hanging fruit of Julz’ recent sex tape troubles and her sometimes-controversial status as it pertains to her race and the culture she occupies.

YesJulz would seem to squeeze the deepest dig in, noting that the attention afforded to Wale by the beef was an act of kindness, as “no one listens to his music these days." Ouch.

You can dig through the entire exchange on YesJulz and Wale's respective Twitter feeds. Or you could go outside and do literally anything else. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.