Will Call Miami: Music, 24-Hour Liquor, Sports, Bar, and Grill

Will Call is Downtown Miami's newest sports bar, speakeasy, grill, and music venue. It's located just below the Metromover at NE Second Avenue and Seventh Street, offering a perfect a view of both Freedom Tower and the AAA jumbotron

This joint's got an outdoor wooden deck for chilling. It features more flat screens than a TV convention. There's even a stage -- not to mention a DJ booth, pool and ping-pong tables, an old-school arcade game, VIP booths, leather bathroom doors, cowgirl saddle seats, a solid concrete bar top, and a 24-hour liquor license.

UPDATE: There's also free parking out back of the place

It's the coolest new bar to hit the City of Miami. See the cut for a 14-photo, one-video tour.

Look out the window, and you see the AAA.

Even cowgirls get the booze.

Players play on.

Arkanoid, hell yeah.

Rivalries are welcome.

We spoke to one of the four owners, Andrew Halloran, a professional contractor. He built the whole place out, and his sister decorated it. He says, "Everybody in the whole fuckin' bar could get up on top of the bar and dance on it. It's concrete. Look at this video somebody sent me the other day...."

The place has only been open three weeks, and they've already got a viral video. As of today, over 90,000 hits.

With its prime location near the arena, the joint brings in all kinds of pedestrian traffic. There's been almost zero promotion and they've already got regulars. Halloran says, "And we all know a lot of crazy-ass people too."

Maybe this is so the crazies can bounce off the walls.

Halloran pulled this old wood off an island near Key West, threw some construction lights in, and chained it to the ceiling over the pool table.

The bar is rectangular. It has four sides and lots of liquor, so you can get wrecked angular.

The bathroom doors are leather.

The dudes' bathroom has a deer head and rhinestone lizards on the ceiling.

Here's one of the private, enclosed VIP rooms. All it needs is a personal flat screen.

There's no tables or chairs yet. But this outdoor deck is fuckin' awesome.

Live music starts this weekend with shows by The Gladezmen, Bobby Lee Rodgers, and The Jay Blues Band on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. And when the place gets fully operational with its kitchen, Will Call's gonna run 24 hours a day on the weekends. Enjoy.

Will Call Miami, 700 NE Second Ave., Miami; 305-577-5900; willcallmiami.com.

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